Good Bye Bear Stearns !

What happened ?
Bear Stearns probably lost A LOT of money in derivatives, probably Credit Default Swaps especially (but we won't know how much) and was on its way to bankrupcy.Then it was purchased by JP Morgan last Sunday for 2$ a share while it quoted 30$ on friday's close.The whole deal was encouraged and financed by the FED.At the same time it annouced a 25bps cut in the discount rate.
This is getting weirder and weirder.
It's becoming obvious that the public is not told the whole story about this Wall Street mess.
But Gold broke the 1000$ level on Friday even before this announcement.
Gold is definitely telling its own story.
on Sunday night (european time), when the deal was announced and Asia opened, Gold even 1025$, but then there was strong selling.Today it's at 1005$
But something definitely happened this week, and it has even reached the headlines of mainstream newspaper, and television broadcast.
They have noticed, but from what I see they have not really understood what is going on.
Now we're waiting for the FED decision concerning rates, in 1 hour.

Stocks in Asia and Europe took a pounding on Monday, but recovered on Tuesday.

I took a small bearish position and apart from that, I stick with the gold stocks